Monopoly Skylanders Swap Force Board Game



In this Skylanders Swap Force edition of Monopoly, you can now buy, sell and trade 22 newly discovered locations in the Skylands! 6 exclusive tokens - Kaos, Swords, Cannon, Sheep, Pirate Ship and Chompy It is the perfect game for any Skylanders fan Fun for children and adults alike Suitable for everyone over the age of 8

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Journey across the Skylands and buy and sell locations with the Skylanders and the all new Swap Force characters. Will you opt for Wash Buckler's Ship Swabbing or Star Strike's Observatory. Play with 6 exclusive tokens, and try your luck with the Luck-O-Tron cards! Box Contains 1 x GameBoard 60 x Cards 32 x Houses 12 x Hotels 2 x Dice 1 x Speed Die 210 x Custom Money 1 x Vac Tray 1 x Cloth Bag 1 x Rules Book 6 x Special Tokens

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